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shogi-to 2017

This ““ was designed with feedback from people of different generations, nationalities, and experience levels in order to make “Shogi” more accessible for everyone. The shape and colour of “ ” is designed to remind players of how the piece can be moved and to be able to easily see the role of each piece. The original Shogi pieces are a wooden pentagonal shape with the role names written on the surfaces in Japanese. It is difficult for Shogi beginners to remember the role and how to move each piece. The aim of this project is to encourage more people to enjoy Shogi and help people learn Shogi with ease. Several Shogi workshops are scheduled in the Netherlands & U.K this year. (patent in Japan, Design registered in Europe)
“Shogi”is an one-to-one board game much like Chess. There are several rules unique to “Shogi”. The rule that pieces taken from the board can be used again is unique to this game. There are plenty of possibilities to place the Shogi pieces because of these special rules. Thus the characters and personalities of the players are evident by the way strategy is built and chosen. This is why players often chat during the game. Shogi was once the most popular game in Japan, rooted in everyday life and used as a communication tool to gauge the mental growth of children and the wellbeing of family and friends. “” is designed as an excellent face-to-face communication tool going back to basics in our modern digital age where many things are overcomplicated.
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